Get a GUARANTEED OFFER for you home at a price acceptable to you!*

To Buy first, or Sell first...that is the age-old question.  When it comes to buying another home for you and/or your family, you want to avoid the risk of possibly owning two homes (or none at all) at all costs. This is where you can benefit with my Guaranteed Sale Program.  

Together we determine a market value for your home using a current market analysis that includes a printout of all comparable home sales and current listings in your area. With this information we can determine your guaranteed price and list price which you receive upfront and in writing before I even begin to market your home.  This is much better than a risk-free insurance policy.  Our agreed upon guaranteed price from me in writing, will give you the security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell, and you win no matter what happens.  I’m taking all the risks for you. You have the confidence knowing your home will sell, and you know you will always get to benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s my guaranteed sale price, or a higher offer from an outside buyer).

Eliminate the usual stress and worry that most homesellers have: no conditional offers, no emotional roller coaster, no chance of getting stuck owning two homes. Access complete program details by entering your info below: